The Beyond Mysticism project is now over.

We send a big "Thank You!" to all of the participants in the Beyond Mysticism experience.

The hosts of the program:

Inelia Benz

Inelia Benz -

I am here, as millions of others are, to raise the level of vibration of the planet. This has involved in assisting lightworkers and lightwarriors in their path as well as exploring and investigating what the "dark side" is doing on the planet. I have also been developing and investigating tools and practices which are quick and effective in the raising of awareness and vibration of individuals and the planet.

Lucia René

Lucia René -

Lucia’s strong suit is her ability to communicate, in crystal clear terms, complex spiritual ideas. Her speciality is mysticism—the ability to navigate alternate dimensions—and she uses the sacred voice to help others do the same. Her greatest passion is the empowerment and enlightenment of women.

Mary MacNab

Mary MacNab -

After a lifetime of spiritual training, of learning and remembering, Spirit gave me the gift of Her heart. This is the Heartspace of the Divine Mother, the gift of a fluid, alchemical structure for allowing oneself to be held in Her Heart, as Her Heart… the Divine drop returning to the ocean. Within the embrace of the Great Mother, the all-encompassing Source of all that is, we are all Home.

Victoria More

Victoria More -

My life is dedicated to the ongoing journey of ever ascending levels of awakening and to assisting others on this journey by sharing what I have learned while continuing my own inner work of deepening realization.